Here Are The Most Popular Wedding Bands Styles And Why To Choose Them

Wedding bands have always been the tokens of love which tie the whole wedding together. But, while you surely want wedding bands to look gorgeous in your wedding pictures, the truth is that you two are going to wear your wedding rings for the rest of your lives, so, they should fit your style perfectly.
While we’re familiar with classic wedding bands by now, it goes without saying that brides and grooms are ready for what’s next. The upcoming seasons of luxury bridal hold incredible surprises for your closet with renewed freedom of movement and shape. So, let’s explore styles for men and women.
Channel Bands

Channel Bands

Channel wedding bands are as iconic as can be with designs accented with diamonds, snugly tucked within the band's structure, boasting elegance and savoir-faire.  

Special attention to the fit and an effortlessly beautiful style are elements which mark the perfect wedding band. And channel bands can easily become a trademark accessory, where the metal bars at the edge of the band make it extra comfortable.
Eternity Bands

Eternity Bands

This is a wedding band synonymous with sophistication and craftsmanship. The design is seemingly simple, but that doesn’t mean these bands won’t look glamorous on your fingers (or that they don’t have the power to enhance other jewelry pieces. On the contrary!).
Eternity bands are aesthetically beautiful, but you also might consider half-eternity if you’d rather have the metal section of bands be in contact with your fingers, and not the set diamonds.

Pavé Bands

Pavé Bands

Pavé wedding bands resurged a few decades ago and still show no signs of abating. Because of its tiny diamonds' sheer brilliance (set very tightly against the other), this style has many advocates.
No matter how many fashion rings you typically stack on your fingers, a pavé wedding band will always stand out. This design has everything you need to create a glam look that is also delicate and feminine.

Prong Setting Bands

Prong Setting Bands

If you like to ditch subtle styles, prong setting wedding bands are especially bold. And the tendency of showing off diamonds—small or large-is bigger than ever.
The prong setting is the epitome of contemporary jewelry, appearing across categories in other jewelry styles, from earrings to pendants. It’s become iconic with bridal jewelry because it has established a new chapter for larger diamonds on wedding bands.

Inlaid Band


Wedding bands featuring inlays of different metal colors, carved designs, and even different materials have become an utter success because they offer an unlimited connection to craftsmanship. A man can feel the legacy and work that goes into such a band every time he puts it on.
The colors and stones dictate the band's most prominent feature, with a blend that somehow includes a touch of rustic flair, bohemian lines, and modernity. If you want a wedding band with an edge, there are plenty of inlaid options to incorporate the mood you’re going for.

Classic Band


Even for lovers of tradition, classic bands aren’t what they used to be. The trick with this design is to look at the ring's edge, the domed shape, and new metal options on the table, making the final look quite different from one band to another, even if they’re still essentially classic.
Explore the glow, sheen, and polish of classic bands, and find your style in its details. From sleeves (the interior of bands) to a mesh of metals showing no apparent junction creating a lovely stripe effect, classic bands come fresher than ever and will surely give you pause.

Fancy Band


Wedding bands for men have come a long way. Now there are even more materials for men’s bands than we see for women and that’s because contemporary designs add an edge to men’s looks, and they adore it.
Men’s wedding bands are all about lots of personality—and that is made clear in the materials of a band. Wood, titanium, and platinum are just some of the new options. And not less important, the finish (such as brushed or hammered) has become one of men’s favorite features on a band because it helps emphasize his style.

Custom Design

Custom Design

If you’re looking for something even more personalized, you might want to take a look at custom-designed wedding bands. This is a lovely opportunity to coordinate the style of your wedding bands while choosing the best features to represent who the two of you are.
Consider infinite possibilities to represent your relationship with custom designs. You can craft bands to represent the time you’ve spent together or what you hope for your future-from engravings to fingerprints and the ideal metal for you. You’re in control of the process from beginning to end.

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